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The Eric Idle Obsession

The completely Eric devoted community! All Eric, all the time!

Eric Idle
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Welcome to the original community for the ever-lovely Eric Idle! We guarantee you 100% Ericness, all Eric all the time! We will bring you anything from Eric news to avatars, banners, icons, pictures, links, and more! Don't be afraid to show off your Eric pride, so please do join our merry Idleist gang!

Here are a few very simple rules...

1. You must be a fan of He Whom We Adore, Eric Idle!

2. Please, no non-Eric advertising. We're not a billboard.

3. We like some good naughty fun, but don't be too overly irrational about it, okee?

4. Please don't steal from anything unless you have permission either by me (Diane) or the original creator (another community member if it is their work).

PS- Thank you for the lovely layout, lastbut1supper!