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let's face it. eric is the king of pretty hair. 

so i say, post a pic of where you think it looks most scrumptious.

this one is mine. full of sun. yum.

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This one definitely.
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ah yes, i love it. and i love all the interview bits with him in that doc. he's adorable.

(and his hands are very slender and make me very nervous in an very randy way)
I haven't been able to ever see the interviews for that movie. I'm hoping one day someone will post it on youtube.
I've been wanting to post it but I can't figure out how to rip it off my dvd. I'll probably ask my dad to do it for me and then put it up. Same with BBC Movie Night from the holy grail extras. The eric bits in that are precious

"they make me do dirty things..."

I love this one from the 1948 show, his hair's Beatley looking, and it suits him. Graham looks nice too.