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Forum Update & Makeover

Hello one and all! Just wanted to give a shoutout that Idleized Heaven's main hub for fans and communications, the Idle Musings forum, is back online and running smoothly once more! Not only have I fixed the forum itself, but the quotes system is fixed as well. And, to add a cherry on top, it has been given a new look as to go with IH's current layout. So come on over - there's litereally thousands of posts already - let's see a few thousand more!

The Idle Musings Forum
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Looks gorgeous!! I love his expression in the middle pic on the banner. Freaking. Awesome. XD
Thankees mate! Ahhh, Eric just has the best facial expressions, no?
Great job Diane! *claps* Everything looks terrific!
Thank you so much! :)
You're welcome :) Ewic's beautiful as ever. :)Love your icon too.
Isn't he, though? Fine wine, that man...

Wish I could take credit for the icon, but I can't. But I'll say thank you anyways, LOL.
He is indeed. And you're welcome :)